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I like dancing.

I love spotting experience design in the wild, even when it is big unethical corporations. When I visited tesco today I noticed something extra on the name tag of my checkout server: I like dancing. I wonder if this little … Continue reading

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Selling software online? Make it cheaper.

Back in September I attended clearleft’s dconstruct conference. One presentation in the day really stuck out, and reviewing the slides again today I felt inspired to comment/echo one particular point. Joshua Porter used some psychology principles to examine how to … Continue reading

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Workshop with Ellen de Vries: great copy and ideas in less than an hour….

So at the beginning of July I sat down with web copywriter Ellen de Vries to refine some copy for a project I’m working on (more on that later). She asked me a series of questions that we attempted to … Continue reading

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Geek Habits for Non-Geeks Workshop v2 postscript

Last night was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone for coming to an indoor event when there was such lovely weather and a beach so close by! I am much happier with the results this time: the time I … Continue reading

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Geek Habits for Non-Geeks: event postscript

Big thanks to everyone who came along last night: the weather was really dreadful (extra cake for you lot next time)! For those who attended: a PDF of my slides (9 mb), and the page of exercise links. I think … Continue reading

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My workshop in March: Geek habits for non-geeks

So its been a while since I’ve blogged: I’ve had lots to say but not really enough time to do the articles justice. I don’t want to add to the noise that’s already out there: you’ll see from my digg … Continue reading

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Accidental manipulation of attention

A moment ago I visited (as I often do) and for the first time ever I noticed the top banner ad, instead of applying a mental blind spot like most users do. I was struck by why this happened, … Continue reading

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