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Tate Modern’s multimedia guide – a review

 I am voraciously hungry for knowledge. My (almost) 40 year old brain has likely had enough of the input, given how hard it is to remember anything these days. Yet, I still keep trying to feed it more, usually in vain. … Continue reading

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Thoughts before buying the new Kindle

As I’m pretty close to getting one of these (I’ll admit that the new pricing pushed me over the edge), I thought I’d make some notes about the experience of reading books, and review after a few months of getting … Continue reading

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There’s no going back from RSI: invest in your ergonomics now!

As someone who’s had some really painful RSI, I’ve found that the typical office worker’s desk arrangement makes me wince. Every day I see poor posture and desk arrangements that are destined to cause people pain. RSI is not something … Continue reading

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