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Tate Modern’s multimedia guide – a review

March 5, 2014

 I am voraciously hungry for knowledge. My (almost) 40 year old brain has likely had enough of the input, given how hard it is to remember anything these days. Yet, I still keep trying to feed it more, usually in vain. This hunger is what lead me to try out Tate Modern’s multimedia guide last weekend;... View Article

Pastry Box article: on the importance of theatre in my career

December 2, 2013

In July I wrote my second article for the Pastry Box project; re-posting here for posterity. At my secondary school, the head of drama was Peter Maric, a fiery Northerner with Slavic roots who would shout, spit and swear his way through the day just to keep the spirit of the theatre alive. I loved it. 20 years... View Article

A monologue for the disheartened UX designer

June 17, 2013

I built a bridge once. If you ever need a reminder of why we do UX, and the cumulative impact that making things usable has on people, this is it. In this scene from 2011’s Margin Call (concerning the day in the life of a Wall Street firm facing financial collapse) Stanley Tucci’s character reflects... View Article

Thoughts before buying the new Kindle

November 1, 2010

As I’m pretty close to getting one of these (I’ll admit that the new pricing pushed me over the edge), I thought I’d make some notes about the experience of reading books, and review after a few months of getting a Kindle.       My feelings about a book are intimately linked to how... View Article

Better UX could save industries

August 25, 2010

I had such a good experience today purchasing some music that I thought I should share the user journey. I saw something in my facebook feed that I hadn’t seen before: a media player for an entire album. I had a quick listen and really liked what I heard. All the links point to bandcamp,... View Article

Selling software online? Make it cheaper.

November 6, 2008

(Images on this post got toasted…. sorry) Back in September I attended clearleft’s dconstruct conference. One presentation in the day really stuck out, and reviewing the slides again today I felt inspired to comment/echo one particular point. Joshua Porter used some psychology principles to examine how to provide a persuasive user experience. See the slides... View Article