Author Archives: bensauer – slide out panel to grab your attention

This wouldn’t work if it wasn’t relevant content. I’m not sure it is in this case, but it certainly got my attention. What I find slightly funny about this is that its designed to grab your attention away from the … Continue reading

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UX screenshot posts

Hello readers, Just a short post to say that I’ll be posting screenshots from the most excellent mac screengrab software from now on, in an effort to comment more frequently on UX and also enliven this blog! B

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There’s no going back from RSI: invest in your ergonomics now!

As someone who’s had some really painful RSI, I’ve found that the typical office worker’s desk arrangement makes me wince. Every day I see poor posture and desk arrangements that are destined to cause people pain. RSI is not something … Continue reading

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The Jerry Seinfeld Productivity Hack, using Google Calendar

A while back I heard about how Seinfeld managed to write a joke every day: he plotted it on a large wall calendar. In essence, it became a game of ‘don’t break the chain’: make sure there’s a mark on … Continue reading

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A Buyer’s Dilemma

Dave Stone recently recommended that I try Action Method Online, as a way of managing tasks/projects. The suggestion was timely: its been on my mind to try things other than basecamp, and another project tool I was trying got lost … Continue reading

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My work featured on wireframes magazine

Jakub has just posted an item over at wireframes magazine about some html wireframes I developed using polypage. Say for example you want to show your wireframes to your client in the “logged out” and “first time visit” states, Polypage … Continue reading

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Selling software online? Make it cheaper.

Back in September I attended clearleft’s dconstruct conference. One presentation in the day really stuck out, and reviewing the slides again today I felt inspired to comment/echo one particular point. Joshua Porter used some psychology principles to examine how to … Continue reading

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Workshop with Ellen de Vries: great copy and ideas in less than an hour….

So at the beginning of July I sat down with web copywriter Ellen de Vries to refine some copy for a project I’m working on (more on that later). She asked me a series of questions that we attempted to … Continue reading

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Geek Habits for Non-Geeks Workshop v2 postscript

Last night was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone for coming to an indoor event when there was such lovely weather and a beach so close by! I am much happier with the results this time: the time I … Continue reading

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Geek Habits For Non-Geeks v2: Thurs May 8th

Hello all you feedreaders (from the last workshop?) + site visitors, I’m repeating my workshop on Thursday May 8th at The Werks in Hove.  Hopefully it will be much improved based on what I learned last time! Its been quite … Continue reading

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