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Tate Modern’s multimedia guide – a review

 I am voraciously hungry for knowledge. My (almost) 40 year old brain has likely had enough of the input, given how hard it is to remember anything these days. Yet, I still keep trying to feed it more, usually in vain. … Continue reading

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Pastry Box article: on the importance of theatre in my career

In July I wrote my second article for the Pastry Box project; re-posting here for posterity. At my secondary school, the head of drama was Peter Maric, a fiery Northerner with Slavic roots who would shout, spit and swear his way through the … Continue reading

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My Pastry Box article on the speed of our industry and how we treat clients

Back in February(!) I wrote this article for the Pastry Box project; re-posting here for posterity. When I think about what it means to be a craftsman, I think about my friend Jon; he builds houses. He’ll probably do that … Continue reading

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Combining compassion and honesty: my talk at Dare 2013

Back in September I spoke at the Dare conference (‘people skills for digital workers’) about my communication style and how I’ve been learning NVC (non-violent communication) as a way to improve it. The video of my talk can be found … Continue reading

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A monologue for the disheartened UX designer

I built a bridge once. If you ever need a reminder of why we do UX, and the cumulative impact that making things usable has on people, this is it. In this scene from 2011′s Margin Call (concerning the day … Continue reading

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Do computers cause dead parrots?

At a train station a few weeks ago I hit a wall of bureaucracy that enraged me beyond my usual breaking point. I had booked a ticket on the web, and at the collection machines, I was issued only half … Continue reading

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Hands on! My experiences usability testing a printed booklet

At UX London this year Jon Kolko talked about using our UX skills to solve problems beyond the commercial, digital world. I think he’s tapping into a common desire in our industry to work outside of our typical domain. I got … Continue reading

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Apple’s Keynote… needs more testing?

At the end of last week, Steve Jobs (RIP) made me look like an idiot. In front of a large group of people. OK, I’m exaggerating (I knew a bunch of them personally!), but Steve had a close hand in Keynote’s … Continue reading

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Apps…. extinction ahead?

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to attend the first designpush - working with some designers and some developer folks from chrome+mozilla. Our chosen topic was the emerging standard for webintents (follow that link for a better summary … Continue reading

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Apologies readers, my blog images are toast: the wordpress theme was hacked!

I’ve been dutifully keeping my wordpress up to date, but I had no idea that wordpress themes were also vulnerable.   This hack allowed someone to delete all the uploaded images on my blog, but fortunately is fixed now and … Continue reading

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