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August 12, 2010

I’ve just been sent an email about a tariff change to my iphone contract: bad news apparently, they’re ditching unlimited data. There was a link in the email to a PDF that describes how the new pricing works. I’ve screengrabbed a bit of the PDF.

Can anyone figure out the new pricing without tilting their head? I suppose you could print it… but that rather defeats the point of this whole computer business doesn’t it?


  • Harry says:

    Linking to a PDF is lame. Not formatting the PDF for screen reading is mega-lame. Why didn’t they just put the information in the email anyway? 0/10.

    (PS Your Skitch auto-post code has gone glitchy again)

  • bensauer says:

    Agreed… there is so much wrong here I just took the funniest point.

    Its no surprise to me that they took the cowardly option to break bad news. Mobile operators are a cartel as far as I’m concerned, simply because there’s no real competition when the cost of starting up is so ludicrously high/complicated.

  • Danny Hope says:

    Nothing to do with the point you’re making but apparently you don’t have to agree to contract changes like this. I think Dave or Josh told me that.

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